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    Culmen International is seeking a Maritime Security Advisor to support capacity building efforts in Madagascar.  


    Established in 2004, Culmen International is committed to enhancing international security, strengthening homeland defense, optimizing government operations and providing humanitarian assistance around the world.  We provide technical and management expertise, develop innovative technology solutions, and deliver youth care services, logistics, training and language services worldwide.  With experience in over 126 countries, Culmen supports our clients to accomplish critical missions in challenging environments.


    The Senior Advisor will be embedded in the Madagascar’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) to support the execution of a Maritime Security Country Action Plan. The advisor will help foster the necessary force structure, manpower, and organizational planning underpinning Madagascar’s Maritime Security Strategy. The advisor will coordinate actions in support of the Country Action Plan, track milestones, and lead workshops as required. The advisor will develop ongoing activities to further institution building and enhance Madagascar’s maritime security. The advisor will assist the MoD and Navy to assess current deficiencies and develop a set of recommendations that supports the country’s national and defense strategies, current and future requirements, and support the goals of a US Agency funding international defense reform initiatives.


    This role is a perfect opportunity for an independent self-starter, with strong experience in advisory work, and who is interested in working collaboratively with an important partner nation located in a strategic region. Culmen has a deep network of international advisors on the African continent and is looking for the right candidate who can help further enhance Madagascar’s maritime security capacity.


    Role and Responsibilities:

    • Assist the MoD and Navy to implement the Country Action Plan to advance maritime security
    • Support the Malagasy Navy’s planned restructuring and expansion by ensuring the Malagasy have plans in place to appropriately staff and maintain vessels
    • Assist the Malagasy with overcoming implementation challenges related to their strategy and broader force realignment efforts
    • Serve as a liaison to ensure that U.S. Government and other international contributors’ assistance achieves mutual objectives and is complementary
    • Coordinate closely with the U.S. Embassy Defense team to ensure that efforts are coordinated


    Basic Qualifications:

    • 6+ years of experience with a Master’s degree OR 10+ years of experience with a Bachelor's degree. 
    • Minimum rank O-5 in the military or equivalent in a civilian capacity (i.e. FS-02/GS-14).
    • 4+ years of experience in maritime security focused on maritime security strategy development.
    • 2+ years of experience in a joint military or interagency environment.
    • 2+ years of direct experience with U.S. military 
    • Secret clearance
    • Fluent in French
    • U.S. citizenship

    For more information and to apply, please go to our careers page: www.culmen.com. Or email simon.limage@culmen.com.

    At Culmen International we are committed to creating, promoting, and sustaining a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our commitment to these values is unwavering across all our work around the world.  We include and celebrate employees of diverse races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicities, nationalities, socioeconomic statuses, languages, (dis)abilities, ages, and religious commitments. These differences drive innovative solutions to meet the needs of our employees and clients. Culmen is an equal opportunity employer.


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    Sincerus Global Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are seeking three experienced, professional senior advisors who will work on an intermittent schedule throughout the year advising the Government of Iraq in the area of Security Sector Reform.  The Advisors will work directly with the MOD, MOI and Counter-Terror Service (CTS) senior leadership to help them achieve milestones and objectives outlined in their National Security Strategy. 

    For more information and to apply: https://sincerusglobal.isolvedhire.com/jobs/535277.html  or go to the https://sincerusglobal.com/

    For any questions feel free to contact mailto:christopher.forbes@sincerusglobal.com

    Senior Intermittent Security Sector Reform Advisors to the Government of Iraq

    Security Clearance Requirement: Secret

    Citizenship: United States

    Place of performance: Baghdad Embassy Complex and the Green Zone on an intermittent basis and telework at home of record for the remainder of the time.   

    Are you looking to make a difference in security sector reform?

    Sincerus is looking for experienced professionals to provide expert advisory services to support the U.S. Department of State's Global Defense Reform Program (GDRP) within the Government of Iraq's (GOI) Security Sector. Through GDRP, the United States seeks to provide three (3) intermittent advisory team members to the GOI's Working Group on Defense and International Security (WG) as part of the GOI's overall security sector reform (SSR) framework. The WG is designed to facilitate Security Sector Reform (SSR) involving the Ministries of Defense (MOD) and Interior (MOI), the Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) and the Office of the National Security Advisor (ONSA) in concert with guidance from the Prime Minister's High Committee on Security Sector Reform (the GOI's SSR Committee) to support the update and implementation of Iraq's new National Security Strategy (NSS).

    The GDRP is a US State Department-funded program that, in close coordination with US Department of Defense, focuses on assisting Partner Nations with defense reform and civil-military institutional capacity building efforts. Advisors will serve intermittently during a twelve-month period advising the GOI's MoD, MoI, CTS. During a 12-month period, advisors will serve 4 quarterly cycles. Each cycle will involve 1 month in the U.S., 1 month in Baghdad, and 1 month off.

    The intermittent advisory team will work with many key GOI national security organizations; including, but not limited to the MOD, Ministry of Interior, Counter-terrorism Service, and the Office of the National Security Advisor as appropriate, to support a professional, transparent, and efficient organization capable of implementing Iraq's new NSS. Additionally, the intermittent advisory team will coordinate with the European Union Assistance Mission-Iraq, NATO Mission-Iraq, and other international partners as part of the WG, providing effective support and assistance to the GOI.

    REQUIRED Qualifications for Senior SSR Advisors (Iraq) focused on National Security Strategy

    The Advisors shall be qualified for the work performed as documented by education, certifications, licenses, permits, test reports, judgments, and similar documentation. At a minimum, the Advisors shall possess the following qualifications:

    • Master's degree in areas such as National Security, Homeland Security, Public Policy, International Relations, or a similar field AND at least fifteen (15) years of professional experience working in the security sector.
    • Have reached, at a minimum, the rank of O-6 in the military or equivalent in a civilian capacity (i.e. FS-01/GS-15).
    • Minimum five (5) years of experience in strategic planning or interagency coordination.
    • Minimum five (5) years' experience advising foreign military or senior government officials.
    • Proven success in individual and organizational capacity building and aptitude to share knowledge, mentor, and coach others.
    • Prior experience working or living in a developing country for a minimum of one year.
    • Prior demonstrated experience working with service, combatant, strategic, or ministerial level headquarters (e.g., OPNAV, OSD, Joint Staff, USCG, ONI, ministries, or interagency partners).
    • Technical and professionally proficient in Arabic at a level equivalent to DLPT 3/3 or Foreign Service Institute 3/3.
    • Ability to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance issued by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) prior to contract/task order performance.
    • U.S. citizen.

    PREFERRED Qualifications for Senior SSR Advisors (Iraq) focused on National Security Strategy

    • Ability to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance issued by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) prior to contract/task order performance.
    • Have reached, at a minimum, the rank of O-7 in the military or equivalent in a civilian capacity (i.e., FE-OC/SES).
    • Technical and professionally proficient in Arabic at a level equivalent to DLPT 4/3 or Foreign Service Institute 4/3.

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