The Association is a voluntary enterprise. For the Journal to succeed, we need articles, letters to the editor, etc. Contributors should e-mail articles to the editorial board for review. Articles are subject to peer review.  FAOA has recently transitioned to an electronic version of the journal.  Each article has limit of 9000 words or 52,000 characters (no spaces) or 61,000 characters (with spaces).  Longer pieces and papers may be submitted, but may be truncated for publishing, or published as an abstract with a link to download the full version. Submit all articles in Word to in order to begin the peer review process and to be considered for publication. Once approved by the Editorial Board, content is queued for publication via and will be promoted via our social media channels as appropriate. In the past we have had to remove citations from research papers in order to trim for size. In this new format, citations may remain if they are end notes (not footnotes). Images are also fine, or embedded links and videos. If your article has embedded links or videos, be sure to test the link and make sure it still works before submission.  Basic membership to the journal is free and available to the public.  Premium content is also available to paid subscribers or for free with discount codes provided in your annual FAOA member renewal confirmation.  Please note that a credit card is required to register for premium FAOA journal content, event with a 100% discount.  Credit cards are used for identity verification.

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