Past Presidents and Chairmen of the Board of Governors

Foreign Area Officer Association


Chairman of the Board of Governors*

1996 – 1999    MG John Ellerson, USA , Ret.

1999 – 2004    LTG Karl Eikenberry, USA, China FAO

2004 – 2005    BG Kevin Ryan, USA, Ret., Eurasia FAO



1996 – 2000  LTC Joseph D. Tullbane III, USA, Ret., Eurasia FAO**

2000 – 2003  COL Michael Ferguson, USA, Ret., Africa FAO***

2003 – 2005  BG John Adams, USA, Ret., Europe FAO

2005 – 2009  COL Stephen R. Norton, USA, Ret., EuropeFAO***

2009 -  2011  COL Gary D. Espinas, USA, Eurasia FAO

2011 - 2021  COL Kurt Marisa, USAF, Europe FAO


*Since 2005, the President of the FAOA assumed the responsibilities of this position, which was officially eliminated by the current FAOA charter approved in 2009

**Founder of the FAOA

***Member, Defense Attaché System Hall of Fame

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