Volume XXI // Number 1-2 // Fall 2018

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Volume XX // Number 3 // Winter 2017

Israel & India find common interests...

Volume XX // Number 2 // Fall 2017

Building Partnership Capacity in Latin America

Volume XIX & XX // Number 1 // Spring 2017

A Pivot of Will - A Special Double Issue


Volume XIX // Number 2 // Fall 2016 

Is Russia the Greatest Threat to US National Security?

Volume XIX // Number 1 // Spring 2016

The Case for a Less Selective Service


 Volume XVIII // Number 3 // Winter 2015

  • Cold War Nouveau
  • Russian Economic Vulnerabilities
  • Why Moscow's recent move to reintegrate Crimea was drastic, risky and shows that Crimea has strategic value.
  • "We were aware [of the threat of reprisal], but the referendum was our only chance for freedom.  We feared if we delayed further, we might not get another chance."
  • "Why aren't you toasting?" the Russian asked through his interpreter.  "You see, General," the American replied, "I am a recovering alcoholic and I cannot touch a drop."  The words were translated, and the General replied, "In Russia, we do not have that problem."


 Volume XVIII // Number 2 // Fall 2015 

  • Turkey & The West
  • Building a Middle Eastern Alliance
  • Pakistan's Significance to U.S. Foreign Policy in South Asia
  • Countering a Resurgent Iran, Recasting the U.S. & GCC Relationship
  • Operation Enduring Freedom & Logistics Lessons from Alexander the Great
  • Russia's Shale Gas Revolution 


 Volume XVIII // Number 1 // Spring 2015 

  • Strategic Communications in PACOM Humanitarian Assistance 
  • National Security Implications of China in Latin America
  • Economic Reform in Vietnam 
  • US-JAPAN Defense Guidelines in the 21st Century
  • POL-MIL Lessons from Stilwell
  • Taiwan's 2016 Presidential Election
  • Building Asian Strategic Airpower



  • China's Air Force Foreign Relations Program
  • Why Nagorno Karbakh Mediation Failed
  • Leveraging the National Guard State Partnership Program
  • The Importance of Being Azerbaijan 
  • Security Assistance in Iraq 2013-2014
  • Rebalance to Asia Reality Check
  • The Peru-Chile Maritime Border



  • FAOs Weigh in on Ukraine
  • POLICY: Defense Language and National Security Education Office
  • THE AMERICAS IN THE BALANCE: National Security Implications of Chinese Influence in Latin America
  • Remembering MG Greene
  • Multilateral Policy in the Middle East 
  • An Army FAO’s First 100 hours in the D.R.C.


 Volume XVII // Number 1 // spring 2014 

  • Colombia’s FARC: Understanding a Revolutionary Movement
  • In Search of the Heirs: Leadership Transitions in Central Asia
  • A Future in Film: Studying Culture Through Local Media
  • The Case for a Gulf Cooperation Council Peninsula Shield Force
  • New Zealand’s Next Move: Amphibious Capability
  • The Hainan Incident: A Lesson in Diplomacy and Law
  • Afghanistan – A New Economic Model For Change



 Vol XVI, No. 3, Fall 2013 

  • NEWS FROM THE FIELD: Lion Rouge: A Case Study in Maximizing Security Cooperation Resources
  • International Military Interoperability Summit Emphasizes Role of the FAO
  • FAO PIONEER SPOTLIGHT: General (U.S. Army Ret.) James Alward Van Fleet
  • ESSENTIAL AFRICA: A Foreign Area Officer Reading List
  • WHY CAN'T WE WIN? Pitfalls in Modern U.S. Counterinsurgency Operations
  • The Air National Guard International Affairs Specialist Program


 Vol XVI, No. 2, Summer 2013 

  • Social Media and Open-Source Intelligence Resources for the Modern Foreign Area Officer
  • THE FEAR TO ATTACK: Leveraging U.S. Military Might to Prevent Genocide
  • Leveraging the National Guard’s State Partnership Program in the US Rebalance Toward Asia
  • The Tragedy of the Air Force FAO
  • BIRDS OF A FEATHER? The Curious Case of U.S.–Polish Military Partnership and Defense Reform


 Vol XVI, No. 1, Spring 2013 

  • Under Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs Speaks at FAO Association Luncheon
  • Armenia...Don't Discount the Small Guy
  • A Look at Qatar's Rise to Power: Using Cultural Intelligence as Our Guide
  • Drug Trafficking Sinks to New Levels
  • In-Region Training Vs. On-the-Job Training
  • Structuring the Foreign Area Officer Corps for the Future
  • FAOs, Security Cooperation, and the Defense Attaché System


 Vol XV, No. 3, Winter 2012 

  • Implications for U.S. Military Action in Libya
  • Why DLI Needs Native English Speaking Grammarians in the Target Language
  • Paper Abstracts / Combatting Transnational Criminal Organizations / PNG as an Incipient State / Drone Wars / Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent Beyond 2025 / Understanding Host Nation Support
  • FAO Graduate Education Opportunity in San Diego
  • Regional Knowledge Certification Program (RKCP)
  • The Case for Establishing a Permanent Senior Defense Official and Defense Attaché Position at the U.S. Mission to the European Union


 Vol XV, No. 2, July 2012 

  • 2012 - The Year of the Election
  • An Appropriate Response to China's Rise
  • The Road to Becoming a China FAO
  • Iran and the Coming Casus Belli
  • The Role of the Military in Diplomatic Efforts


 Vol XV, No. 1, April 2012 

  • Consolidation of Attaché & Security Cooperation Activities
  • The Army’s Single-Track FAO Program: Pathway to Success
  • The Navy FAO Community - A single-Track Story
  • The Marine Corps Proponent - "We have fought in every…"
  • The LREC-Triad for Joint FAO Education and Training
  • Getting More from the Army’s Program
  • Single-Tracking and the Keys to Fulfillment
  • Dual-Tracking: Common Sense in a Complex World 


 Vol XIV, No. 4, December 2011 

  • The Delafield Commission: Forerunner to FAO Program
  • In-Country Training: Paris and Brussels
  • The Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office: Shaping New Inroads into the Chinese Military
  • Win Without Fighting undefined Leveraging China, Sanctions and Information to Topple North Korea
  • Southeast Asia: "Indo" or "China"


 Vol XIV, No. 3, August 2011 

  • The History of the Foreign Area Officer Rotary Airpower in Irregular Warfare undefined Afghanistan
  • The Two-Way Street: Managing Expectations
  • Arab Strategic Thought - Dr. Saleh Salem
  • Complex Multi-National Environments -Bridging the Coordination Gap
  • Negotiating with the Chinese


 Vol XIV, No. 2, May 2011 

  • Why Did Japan Attract So Much Attention?
  • Mexico: Our Next AOR?
  • Sino-Russian Relations
  • Quranic Interpretation: True Meaning vs Manipulation
  • US Army’s SATMO: An Introduction


 Vol XIV, No. 1, February 2011 

  • Comments, FAOA Luncheon Speaker -WikiLeaks
  • US Policy in The Sudan: A Three Step Approach
  • An Open Letter to FAOs
  • Lieutenant General James Williams
  • From Attaché in Venezuela to DIA Director Report: Banquet Honoring a Lifetime of National Service
  • Ali and the roots of division within Islam


Vol VIII, No. 3, Oct 2010 

  • Russian as a Dying Lingua Franca: Is it time to train FAOs in Regional Languages?
  • Turkey Under the AKP: Neither Bridge nor European
  • The Cult of Nikalseyn
  • The "Second Option" - Genocide in East Timor
  • Tailored Training: The key to Interpretive Predictive Current Intelligence
  • War vs. Peace: the Masada Complex


 Vol XIII, No. 2, May 2010 

  • Report - FAOA Monterey Hosts FAO Conference
  • Beyond Diversity and Tolerance: Reassessing Islam and Islamism in the US Military
  • Water Wars or Pax Aquaria: Turk-Syrian Relations
  • The Last COIN Lecture
  • Shanghai Cooperation Organization: What is it?
  • UN Assistance Afghanistan: Should it continue? 


Vol XIII, No. 1, February 2010

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